Charlene of Monaco smiling but slimmed down: The picture that worries

Stuck in South Africa for 6 months now for health problems, Charlene of Monaco tries to reassure her community by regularly feeding her Instagram account. A new picture of the princess shows her smiling, but nevertheless weakened.

After a scare at the beginning of September, Charlene of Monaco, who had to be hospitalized urgently, continues her convalescence in South Africa. Far from her family and the Monegasque rock, the wife of Prince Albert maintains the link with her relatives and her community scattered to the four corners of the globe through social networks. On Saturday, October 2, the former swimmer created a stir by posting a photo of herself on Instagram, smiling as usual, but nevertheless the features drawn by her health concerns. Wanting to reassure, the princess affixed a simple and hopeful message to the picture accompanied by a heart emoji: “Blessed”, could be read.

“Be strong”, it read in the comments or: “Beautiful smile, I hope you will recover quickly and that we will see you back with your children in Monaco soon”. The community of Charlene of Monaco was quick to support her while not hiding some concern about her health: “The beautiful princess weakened,” said another user. As a reminder, the princess has been forced to stay in her native country for 6 months, following complications from an ENT operation. Unable to fly, it is Prince Albert who has been taking care of the two blonde heads of the royal family. After a hospitalization in September, his wife’s condition was declared stable but she was not allowed to return home.


A tireless campaigner

Despite her somewhat slimmed down figure, Charlene of Monaco does not seem to want to lift her foot. Always on Instagram, the beautiful princess publishes since the spring a series of pictures to defend an animal cause particularly dear to her heart: the protection of rhinos. High boots and hat screwed on the head, Charlene of Monaco had not hesitated despite the fatigue to travel through the bush to raise his fist.

Photo credits: Olivier Huitel / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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