Charlene of Monaco: Her return still uncertain

It’s been several months that Princess Charlene of Monaco is exiled in South Africa, for health reasons. Nobody knows yet when she will be able to return to the Rock. On RMC, Albert of Monaco gives news that are reassuring.

It has been many months, since the spring of 2021, that the Princess of Monaco returned home to South Africa. Initially, she was supposed to go and participate in a conservation mission for rhinos, which are victims of poachers, but her health deteriorated. She had to stay behind to treat her ENT infection, which led her to the hospital. It has been several months that she is separated from her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco. With Jacques and Gabriella, her children, they went to visit her at the end of the summer. If the princess was supposed to return to Monaco in September, her return was finally canceled, due to health concerns, but was not rescheduled.

Albert of Monaco gave news of his beloved on RMC. “She is better, it was also complicated for her because different problems affected her.” Nothing very new. He had already made a similar speech during the interview he gave to People magazine in early September, silencing in passing the rumors about a potential divorce. “She’s suffering from it. And it affects me too. Misinterpreting events is always damaging. We’re an easy target to attack because we’re overexposed to the media.”

Hidden messages for Albert of Monaco

Numerous hints have been made to try to silence these rumors. Recently, Charlene of Monaco posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself, all smiles, but slimmed down. Another detail caught the attention of Internet users: the Bible and the rosary she wears around her neck. Having had to convert to Catholicism when she married Albert of Monaco, this snapshot is a reminder that the two members of the Monegasque royalty are not about to part ways, it seems.

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage



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