Prince William: How Elizabeth II and Prince Philip shaped him for his role as future king

In 1995, after the divorce of Charles and Diana, William was really down. Prince Philip had an idea to cheer him up, and Queen Elizabeth II agreed immediately, reports People.

Since the death of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II has put more trust in William to restore the image of British Royalty, damaged by the exile of Meghan and Harry, but also, and especially, by the troubles of Prince Andrew. Prince William already has all the makings of a king. His grandmother made sure of that long before he came of age. In 1995, when Prince Charles and Diana divorced, and William became depressed, Elizabeth II gave him back his confidence. Robert Lacey, a historian specializing in British Royalty, recalls in People magazine at the end of September that it was at this time that the queen began to have lunch every Sunday with her grandson to prepare him for his responsibilities as future king.

Prince Philip played a big role in this new ritual. Very close to William, he quickly detected the early signs of depression in the young teenager and suggested the idea to his royal wife. Soon, while his Eton College classmates were going home to their parents on weekends, William was having a Sunday lunch with his grandparents.

Prince William almost as popular as the Queen

Every Sunday lunchtime was the same: William would arrive, have lunch with both grandparents, discuss his week at school, and then Prince Philip would slip away when the discussion started to drift to the role of queen or king. “Philip would quietly excuse himself because he didn’t want to interfere with the constitutional side of the queen’s job,” Robert Lacey reports in People.

So William learned at a very young age to apply Elizabeth II’s modus operandi: “Never complain, never explain”. Today, this is certainly what has allowed him to be the darling of the Crown’s admirers. The Queen has a popularity rating of 85%, according to a recent poll. William is at 80%. Quite a performance for a crown prince.

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