Charlene of Monaco back soon? These reassuring news given by Prince Albert

For 9 months, Charlene of Monaco is stuck in South Africa because of health problems that do not allow her to fly. However, Tuesday, October 5, 2021, her husband assured, on RMC, that she would soon be back in Monaco.

Doubts and questions have been numerous since Charlene of Monaco is blocked in South Africa for nine months. After having been the victim of a serious ENT infection, she was unable to take the plane and therefore to return home to Monaco. While she had assured during the summer that she could probably find his family in October 2021, Tuesday, October 5, Prince Albert made statements in this direction on RMC. “She is better, it has also been complicated for her because different problems have affected her,” he said. “She is still in South Africa but will return very soon, we must make the points with the doctors in a few days, “he continued.

A statement that should silence the rumors of a possible separation of the royal couple. Indeed, for many close to the Monegasque family, if Charlene of Monaco could not join the Rock is because she just did not want. However, on many occasions, she has spoken out to remind how much her husband was her pillar and that he was always present for her. In August 2021, he had actually traveled to South Africa with their two children, so that she could enjoy them and they could enjoy each other.

Charlene of Monaco must be looking forward to meet her little family

In recent months, Charlene of Monaco has suffered a lot and had to undergo many surgeries to treat her infection. However, she has had many relapses and her stay has been considerably prolonged. This time, the news could be better and she could finally be reunited with her little family that she misses terribly. She looks forward to being able to enjoy her children every day.



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