Charlene of Monaco: She intervenes in the war of succession to the Zulu kingdom

Princess Charlene of Monaco seems to be getting better and better. Recently, Albert’s wife made an appearance alongside King Misuzulu, leader of the Zulu community in South Africa. According to the media The Times, she decided to help put an end to the succession battle in this kingdom.

Nine months have passed since she left the Rock. Still in South Africa following her health problems – an infection of the ENT sphere -, Charlene of Monaco appeared smiling with King Misuzulu, the leader of the Zulu community in South Africa, this Tuesday, October 5. An unexpected appearance on Instagram because of her health condition, but according to the media The Times, there is a specific reason.

Indeed, if the wife of Albert II paused her convalescence for a public appearance, it is for a good cause. The Princess of the Rock has volunteered to mediate in the succession battle of the Zulu kingdom. Having spent most of her life in South Africa and knowing the former king very well, Charlene of Monaco decided to offer her help to ease tensions. And for good reason, since the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini in March 2021 – who reigned for nearly 50 years – the war is never ending. Between allegations of poisonous plots and false wills, the Zulu royal family can’t come to terms.

Charlene de Monaco avec le chef de la communauté zouloue
Charlene of Monaco with the leader of the Zulu community


Charlene of Monaco: a benefactor

Following the conflicts, the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco would have pleaded for the family to find a solution as soon as possible “for the sake of unity.” So before returning to the Rock to her children and husband, Princess Charlene has assigned herself a mission. Very attached to the Zulu kingdom, it is out of the question for the latter to let this war of succession to take more momentum.

As a reminder, three months before the death of the king, his eldest legitimate son, Prince Lethukuthulu died of poisoning at a party. Then when the king went away, two wills were found. One designated one of his wives, Queen Mantfombi, as regent of the kingdom, while waiting to find a successor. But the latter died five weeks later in strange circumstances. In her will, she named her eldest son, Misuzulu, as the next Zulu king. Her family, the population and the South African president recognized this. However, half-siblings are contesting the succession. Charlene of Monaco has work to do…




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