Charlene of Monaco operated on: This heavy surgical procedure undergone by the princess

The serious ENT infection of Princess Charlene of Monaco continues to postpone the date of her return to her children in Monaco. She underwent this October 8 a new operation under general anesthesia.

Again. After an operation on August 13 and a hospitalization on September 3 “after collapsing due to complications related to the serious infection of the ear, nose and throat that she contracted in May” as stated in a statement from the foundation, Princess Charlene of Monaco will make another quick stay in hospital before being able to return home. For several months now, she has been the victim of a serious ENT infection that prevents her from flying. Although she was fit enough to appear a few days ago with her husband Prince Albert of Monaco with King Misuzulu, head of the Zulu community in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco is still not completely healed.

According to our source, she undergoes this Friday, October 8 a new operation that will be performed under general anesthesia. The Princely Palace would have also specified that it is possibly the last operation that the Monegasque princess will have to undergo before finally being able to return to the Principality. It is because of serious complications following an ENT infection that Charlene of Monaco is still stuck in South Africa, her country of origin where she had decided to go in the spring “to re-evaluate the work of her Foundation there and spend some time with her brother and some friends”. This is what Prince Albert had explained to People magazine in response to rumors that tensions within the couple were the cause of Charlene’s departure.

A trip that was supposed to last 10 days

“She did not leave because she was angry with me or anyone else. She did not go into exile. It was absolutely solely a medical issue that needed to be treated.” Originally, this trip was only supposed to last a week or even ten days at most. Charlene of Monaco had not planned to stay that long in South Africa, let alone have to undergo a four-hour operation because of an ENT infection. Although she is anxious to get back home to her twins, the Princess of Monaco will probably have to spend a few more days under supervision and in convalescence before being allowed to fly.



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