Albert and Charlene of Monaco: surprise for their 10th wedding anniversary 

To silence the rumors of divorce after the long absence of Charlene, stuck in Africa because of a heavy infection, Prince Albert, unveiled a nice surprise for the return of his wife as reported by our source.

Everyone still lives on their own. This Saturday, October 9, Prince Albert unveiled, alone, a bust of the Empress Eugenie in Monaco. On the other side of the continent, Charlene, his wife, is still waiting patiently to return to the Rock as reported by the Daily Mail. A few weeks ago, the former professional swimmer had said “ready to go home” in the columns of People magazine, after missing the celebration of his pewter wedding anniversary, the 10 years of happiness alongside Albert II. So as his return approaches, the preparations for their ten years of marriage are made known.

According to the Daily Mail’s Monaco Tribune, 15,000 coins bearing the couple’s likeness were deployed the previous week on the Rock to celebrate the royal couple’s wedding anniversary. The British newspaper said that among these collector coins, one of them would represent Albert and Charlene side by side, accompanied by the message: “Princely Wedding 2011 – 2021” and the mention “Monaco”. Also last week, Albert II had told RMC that Charlene “will be back very soon, we must talk to the doctors in a few days,” he reassured while the return of Charlene is expected for the end of the month.

To ignore the rumors

A return hoped by Albert and the Monegasques, because the absence of Charlene begins to be long. For almost 6 months, the princess has been stuck in Africa because of an ENT infection and numerous operations that have prevented her from traveling all this time. This long absence has also fueled crazy rumors: including that of a probable divorce. A rumor that was not without reminding those launched in 2011 during their marriage. Charlene was then suspected of wanting to slip away to Africa, her native continent, to avoid these weddings. The couple has however faded all these rumors thanks to its longevity. And, even if she was not present to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Charlene had slipped some messages to her husband. A beautiful couple who is waiting for one thing: to celebrate their reunion.

Photo credits : Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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