Charlene of Monaco again operated on and now under observation

Friday, October 8 in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco underwent a new operation because of her infection of the ENT sphere, contracted last May. Following the intervention under general anesthesia, a source at the royal palace gave news of the wife of Albert II.

An umpteenth and last operation before returning to the Rock. Still in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco was again operated under general anesthesia Friday, October 8. This operation follows the infection of the ENT sphere that the princess contracted last May, preventing her from returning home to Monaco. A source from the royal palace gave an update on her health on Saturday, October 9, as reported by 20 minutes.

Charlene of Monaco’s operation “went very well,” said the source, confirming that it was “the last of the operations she was to undergo following her ENT infection.” Following her passage in the operating room, “she is now under observation for 48 hours” before being able to return to her lodge in the Thanda Private Game Reserve, in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. After being hospitalized urgently due to complications related to her severe ear, nose and throat infection, it seems that Charlene of Monaco is finally seeing the end of the tunnel.


Charlene of Monaco: what is she really suffering from?

Her absence from the Rock has long questioned, but Charlene of Monaco has her reasons. Indeed, her infection of the ENT sphere did not allow her to travel and therefore to return to Monaco. “The doctors have forbidden me to fly,” “I can not force my recovery,” pleads Charlene. And for good reason, there are risks of barotrauma at altitude. As she told the South African media Channel24, it is not a simple ear infection. Prince Albert’s wife underwent a sinus lift and a bone graft for dental implants, with serious post-operative complications. Her state of health is quite serious, hence her weight loss and her somewhat changed face lately. Since May, the mother of the twins has been hospitalized in South Africa in the hope of getting better and being able to find her family soon.

Photo credits: Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM



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