Charlene of Monaco: The day she made Albert II cry

In 2015, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the reign of Albert II, Charlene of Monaco made a declaration of love to her husband in front of the Monegasques. A very touching speech that moved the prince to tears.

When the words of love of Charlene of Monaco tore tears from Prince Albert. In 2015, Prince Albert II of Monaco’s 10th birthday celebrations were marked by a touching declaration of love from his wife, Charlene. The former swimmer decided to make a surprise by speaking in the Palace Square in front of thousands of Monegasques and residents of the Principality who came for the occasion. Back on this emotional sequence.

After having made a solemn speech, Charlene of Monaco ended with a message of love to Albert II… in French. So it is with the language of Molière that the mother of the twins, then 7 months old, began by saying: “My Lord, it is with immense joy that we celebrate this day of ten years of your reign. I congratulate you and pray that your reign will be long, accomplished and serene.” Then she went on to say, “More than anyone else, I know your absolute dedication to the principality, its future and the well-being of its people. More than anyone else, I love your commitment to the noble causes that you defend with strength. You are the prince of my heart and of my heart. Long live our prince, long live Monaco.” Words that have strongly moved her husband, who let a few tears flow. But very quickly, the princely couple had to regain their spirits to continue the ceremony with a concert of the young Monegasque singer, Olivia Dorato.

L'échange de baiser entre Charlene de Monaco et Albert II
Pool Monaco / Bestimage
Charlene of Monaco and Albert II exchange a kiss


Charlene of Monaco and Albert II: 10 years of marriage

Since then, the declarations of love are more discreet. Charlene of Monaco, currently in South Africa, has nevertheless shared a video for her 10 years of marriage, last July 2. This one recalls the highlights of their wedding. The video is punctuated by the crucial steps that marked their reign, but also their love. Princess Charlene has discreetly placed a red heart very evocative. But the long messages of love in public are no longer relevant.




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