Charlene and Albert of Monaco: This request for a paternity test that upsets their couple

Charlene’s health problems have not been the only source of annoyance for Albert II of Monaco in recent months. For more than a year, a Brazilian woman has been suing him for a paternity test, claiming that he is the father of her daughter born in 2005. Town & Country magazine goes into detail about the case…

This is the other, less publicized case that is upsetting the palace. While Charlene of Monaco’s latest operation, scheduled for October 8, went “very well” and a return of the princess to the principality is declared imminent, despite questions that remain, the English magazine Town & Country looks at what has equally upset her couple in recent months: the request of a Brazilian woman for Albert II to recognize a child allegedly born of an affair in 2005.

In France, this legal action has been little commented. Thierry Lacoste, lawyer of the Monegasque sovereign, closed the debate with these words addressed to Le Point, in October 2020: “This affair is a sham and a real fraud. It is not based on anything, except on elucidations. In the details given by the mother of this girl, especially on a so-called shared trip, neither the dates nor the facts correspond. There are no intimate photos, no tangible facts around a possible relationship.” Last September, in a dizzying interview with Paris Match, Nicole Coste, mother of Alexandre, Albert II’s eldest son recognized late in life, also denied the veracity of this story, “yet another scandal to do harm.”

The case, evoking the late recognition of Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste but also Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, eldest daughter of the prince, is however far from being settled, as Town & Country reminds. Not only Albert II of Monaco has not ignored the legal action for recognition of paternity, but his lawyer Thierry Lacoste has decided to counterattack with a criminal complaint “for attempted fraud and blackmail. The counsel of the sovereign still recalled to the Point, in the fall of 2020: “When we were contacted the first time about this case, we were given to understand that either we negotiate or the story would be made public. That’s what I call blackmail.”



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