Charlene of Monaco: The princess in the middle of a succession war?

Would Charlene of Monaco be stuck in South Africa for a war of succession? The wife of Prince Albert would currently come to the aid of a large royal family in South Africa.

For many months now, the Monegasques have been without a princess. Charlene of Monaco is still stuck in South Africa, for health reasons, according to an official statement. However, on the Rock, the rumors are growing, especially about her relationship with Prince Albert. But there would also be another reason for the continuation of his stay in South Africa: a war of succession! Indeed, in March 2021, the former king of the Zulus, Goodwill Zwelithini died. A tragedy for the mother of Gabriella and Jacques who was very close to this royal personality.

And since the death of this Zulu chief who reigned for more than 52 years, a war of succession is played. Charlene of Monaco, who attended the funeral, would help the six widows and dozens of children of the former king, to communicate with each other. The wife of Prince Albert would have offered her help to this large family and would have even pleaded for everyone to find a solution as soon as possible “for the sake of unity”, according to information from the Times. But the situation seems to be in trouble. At the death of the king, two wills were found, one of which designated one of his wives as regent of the kingdom. Unfortunately, the latter died after five weeks of regency, under rather mysterious circumstances.

The Monegasques are waiting for the return of their princess

At the death of the queen regent, it is her eldest son who took the throne. A reign contested by his half-brothers and half-sisters. Charlene of Monaco has a lot of work to do if she wants to make all the parties in this case listen to reason. For the moment, she remains in South Africa, far from her husband and children. The Monegasques are waiting for only one thing: her return home.



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