Charlene and Albert of Monaco: The paternity claim that intrigues journalists

The press is looking into the paternity rumors that hover over Albert of Monaco. A 37-year-old Brazilian woman, Mariza, claims to have had a daughter with the Monegasque.

Before forming the solid couple with Charlene, Albert of Monaco has been linked to many women. The prince acknowledged two illegitimate children: Alexandre Coste and Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. And it could be that this is not all. Indeed, a Brazilian woman who answers to the name of Mariza S. claims to have had a child with Prince Albert of Monaco. His daughter is now a teenager, aged 16 years. Mariza S. says she met Albert during his stay in Rio de Janeiro in 2004. They would have lived thereafter a love story through Europe. In 2005 would have been born their daughter. In an article published on October 2, the magazine Town and Country returns on this crazy rumor. And interviews the former “spy” of Albert of Monaco, who worked for years for the Monegasque.

The man questions the testimony of Mariza S. “He always used his status as a prince to charm women,” Robert Eringer, 67, told Town & Country. “In 2005, Albert was almost 50, almost bald, chubby and rather ugly. It was his high royal status that charmed women and certainly not his physical appearance.”

Prince Albert’s lawyer denies it

Sixteen years after her supposed meeting with Albert, Mariza S. does not deny it. However, Thierry Lacoste, the prince’s lawyer, denied in the columns of Le Point, in October 2020: “This case is a tartufery and a real smoke and mirrors. It is not based on anything, except on elucubrations. In the details given by the mother of this girl, including a so-called shared trip, neither the dates nor the facts correspond. There are no intimate photos, no tangible facts around a possible relationship.”



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