Charlene of Monaco sees the end of the tunnel, imminent reunion with her twins, her return is confirmed

After very complicated months, Charlene of Monaco would finally see the end of the tunnel and her return to the Rock is coming. A joyful reunion with her children for very soon.

The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco should indeed make her big return to the Rock after sources from the Palace confirmed that her last operation to treat an ENT infection “went very well”.

Stuck in South Africa since March, Charlene of Monaco is expected to return home after a final operation to clear an ear, nose and throat infection she contracted in May was successful.

The happy news was confirmed by crowned head expert Rachel Burchfield on the Royal Podcast.

“Good news, we haven’t really had any good news from Monaco for a while, but it looks like Princess Charlene of Monaco’s return could be sooner than we think,” she shared.

“Charlene of Monaco went in last Friday for what is being dubbed her “final procedure” and she should be back in Monaco shortly,” she continued. “I’m really happy to see her finally go home, we’ve been talking about it for months”.

For his part, Prince Albert, 63, had told PEOPLE, “I can’t wait for Charlene to be back. I can’t wait for her to be back because she is part of my life, of our lives, of life in Monaco. I can’t wait for her to help me with the kids and with different things like she did in the past because it’s a team effort. When one of the team members is not there, it’s much more difficult,” he admitted.



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