Petrified in Africa, Charlene of Monaco adopts another strategy, a hasty return to the Rock

In “flight” from the Rock where she would feel prisoner since last March, to try to regain her freedom as reported by “Bunte”, Charlene of Monaco would have finally changed her mind. Her fear would be to be chased by the paparazzi. It is out of the question that daily life turns into a nightmare.

This summer, Bunte, Oggi or even the magazine Voici assured that the mother of Jacques and Gabriella would not be close to return.

Tired of the pressure of the protocol, the wife of Prince Albert would have as objective to lead the revolt, inspired in this by Princess Diana, presented as her great model.

“Shy as she was, the Princess of Wales was able to overcome her fears to defy Buckingham and obtain her freedom. And today, while all Monaco wants to see her give in, Lady Di is more than an inspiration,” reported Voici.
But, since then another strategy would have been adopted.

No more question of moving away from the protective status of first lady. Her fear is to “suffer the onslaught of image hunters.

On the other hand, if the divorce of the princely couple is excluded, “for some observers, another option would present itself, that of an eventual separation of the spouses coupled with frequent trips for the children. The Grimaldis know the separations well,” alluding to Caroline of Monaco and her husband Ernest-August of Hanover. This would have the merit of not arousing too much curiosity in the media;



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