Camille Gottlieb with her mother Stéphanie of Monaco: Adorable childhood snapshot

Camille Gottlieb is one of the most scrutinized personalities in Monaco, especially on Instagram. This Friday, October 15, the 23-year-old posted a childhood memory, along with her mother Stephanie of Monaco.

She holds her mom’s hand as tightly as her security blanket. On a photo posted in story on her Instagram account this Friday, October 15, Camille Gottlieb is not higher than three apples. The little blonde girl is alongside her mother, Princess Stephanie of Monaco. A tender picture, a childhood memory that the young woman of 23 years wished to share with his thousands of followers. On this photo, pacifier in the beak, the little one wears a red outfit with white flowers, with a matching down jacket.

Camille Gottlieb regularly shares her daily life on Instagram, where the young woman is followed by over 80,000 followers. This summer, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco has unveiled her summer body on social networks. For a few months already, she displayed a body increasingly thinned on Instagram, to the point of worrying some of her fans, whom she was anxious to reassure: “No! I am not sick, I just lost a lot of weight since last summer. I am very well”.


The look-alike of her grandmother Grace Kelly

Since this physical transformation, Camille Gottlieb looks more and more like her grandmother Grace Kelly, icon of the cinema of the 50s. On October 12, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco posted a photo on which two details jumped to the eyes: her blue eyes and her piercing look, like those of her grandmother. In comments, Internet users noted this resemblance: “Looks like her grandmother Grace!”, “Like her mother, like her grandmother”, “As beautiful as your grandmother Grace”, could be read among the many comments.


Camille Gottlieb is the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. As a child, she was kept away from the star system by her mother, who was herself caught up in the media whirlwind. If the granddaughter of Grace of Monaco has no title of princess and is not in the order of succession to the Monegasque throne, the young woman often participates in the social events of the Rock. From now on, her every move (and family photos!) are scrutinized by the press.

Photo credits: Instagram screenshot/GettyImages



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