Charlene of Monaco claims 430 million euros in compensation

Of the relationship of Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Charlene, it is discussed in the columns of Public magazine, which feeds the implosion of their couple. A compensation would have even been requested.

To support its statement, the weekly magazine is based on a rumor not very credible American magazine Globe, which is not known for the seriousness of its information.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella would be negotiating her divorce after ten years of marriage. This anniversary was celebrated without her this summer on the Rock.

Her adorable twins “miss her terribly,” reports the people magazine, which collected the confidences of a close source.

“But she plans to stay in her native country until her husband grants her what she demands: the end of their front marriage and a financial compensation of 430 million euros. She feels betrayed and used.

According to the magazine people, the Monegasque first lady whose return is announced for very soon would be “alone and suffering.
“Charlene is a shadow of her former self”.

For the magazine Closer this time, the return of Charlene would be imminent, a week after the success of the final surgery that puts an end to a long medical procedure started since last March following a serious infection of the ENT sphere.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the shock of the breakup, the princess thinned out and at her worst

It would not be the joy at this time for Charlene of Monaco and her husband, Prince Albert! A rupture is even evoked!

As soon as it comes to the current situation of the princely couple, we do not know where to turn, as the rumors about them are contradictory.

This October 14, a specialist in crowned heads Rachel Burchfield announced a very happy news in the Royal Podcast, that of the return of the princess of the Rock for very soon.

“Good news, we haven’t really had any good news from Monaco in a while, but it looks like Princess Charlene of Monaco’s return might be sooner than we think,” she assured.

“Charlene of Monaco went in last Friday for what is being dubbed her “final procedure” and she should be back in Monaco shortly,” she continued. “I’m really happy to see her finally go home, we’ve been talking about it for months”.

The magazine Public does not share this allegation and evokes the implosion of their couple.

The mother of Jacques and Gabrielle would be ignored by her husband.

“While she has just undergone a major operation, the princess remains desperately alone in South Africa, while her husband quietly fulfills his obligations,” it is announced.

Albert of Monaco continues his public appearances without his wife, but surrounded by the Grimaldi clan more united than ever. This summer we could even discover the presence of Alexandre Coste in the company of his mother Nicole.
The Princess of Monaco would not have liked this betrayal.



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