Charlene of Monaco speaks out: I can’t wait to go home and see my children

Still stuck in South Africa after several surgeries, Charlene of Monaco has come out of her silence. In an interview recorded this month, she explains that she misses her children terribly.

When will Charlene of Monaco be reunited with her family? Stuck in South Africa for many months, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella underwent several heavy operations after contracting an ENT infection. While we believed her return on the Rock imminent, the princess made a new fright to her close relations on October 8th. That day, she had to be admitted again to the hospital for “the last of the interventions she had to undergo following her ENT infection”, as announced by the royal palace. After two days of observation, Charlene of Monaco was able to leave the hospital. The opportunity for the wife of Prince Albert II to give news through his Instagram account.

This Friday, October 15, a week after his intervention, she published an excerpt from an interview recorded in the region of KwaZulu-Natal this month, without specifying the date. In it, Charlene of Monaco talks about the initial reason for her visit to South Africa, which is to save endangered animals, including rhinos. “I am determined to continue the work I have started in several African countries,” she says. Conservation, preservation, restoration, education… That’s what I started my foundation for. I am determined to continue to the end what I have started with my foundation.” A committed and necessary speech, which she concluded by mentioning her health condition while responding to the many rumors she is the subject of. “I had an infection and unfortunately it forced me to stay here in South Africa,” Charlene of Monaco explained.

Charlene of Monaco: She misses her children terribly

“I underwent a first surgery very successful, there were complications, I underwent a second operation, now I can feel much stronger,” continued the wife of Prince Albert II. Criticized for having spent long months away from her family, Charlene of Monaco confided that she was “impatient to get home” to “see her children”, the twins Jacques and Gabriella: “I can’t wait to get home and see my children again, who miss me terribly and who feel the same as I do after months of absence. And they too can’t wait to see their mom. I can’t wait for Charlene to be back, because she is part of my life, of our lives and of Monaco’s,” said the sovereign a few days ago. I also look forward to her helping me with the children and many other things, as has always been the case, because it is a team effort.”



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