Charlene of Monaco reminds Albert, who displays himself with another, this message that says a lot

Despite her isolation in South Africa, where she was operated for the third time of the ENT sphere, Charlene of Monaco would not have hesitated to remind her position as first lady. A great challenge!

“You want to replace Charlene of Monaco in the Palace, but she does not hear it that way,” argues the German version of In Touch, fueling a small guerrilla war, in reference to the complicity displayed by Prince Albert of Monaco with Sharon Stone.

This proximity was also fed

“To see the son of Rainier displayed all smiles next to this great Hollywood star, it is difficult not to think of the couple that he formed with Grace Kelly, “said the publication.

Sharon Stone would “really have everything to please a man like Albert! Not to mention the fact that Charlene, still recovering in South Africa, continues to take on the role of father of the twins alone and to assume the constraints associated with his function as head of the principality.

Charlene of Monaco would have put the halt on Instagram, where on the same day, she had posted herself with the “Diadem of the Ocean”, which Prince Albert of Monaco had given her at her wedding.

This would be a way to remind Prince Albert to his commitments.

Charlene of Monaco, ordeal in South Africa, Nicole Coste hurts him terribly

Just like the recent attacks against him by Nicole Coste, the mother of Alexander, the eldest son of Prince Albert of Monaco, who was illustrated by immodest statements on Charlene of Monaco weakened.

This former flight attendant accused in the columns of Paris Match the Monegasque first lady of having harmed her son.

“During the engagement period, I experienced things that alerted and shocked me,” she said. For example, she changed my son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence to move him to the staff wing.”

“As a mother, I can not find words to describe these actions,” confided the one who made his return to the Rock following the absence of Charlene.
“We are often put in parallel. I do not like that we are compared”, she continued, among other well-felt piques.

For the magazine Public, these “annoyances (…) do not help the fragile state of the blonde”, at the bottom of the bucket because of its multiple operations in the ENT sphere. She would be better and would get ready to make his big return on the Rock.

“More than her couple, whose fate, for many, seems to be already sealed, it is moreover today the subject of Charlene’s health which seems more worrying.

In the columns of the magazine “People”, Charlene of Monaco replied to the attacks of the ex of Prince Albert.

“Charlene is trying to facilitate things so that Alexander can talk to Albert, and she encourages Albert to get closer to his son,” said a close friend.
Prince Albert of Monaco himself has “evolved with time” and his wife is “now more open”.



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