Albert of Monaco is jubilant – Charlene to return within 15 days, good news after months of hardship

After six months of forced exile in Africa due to health problems, Charlene of Monaco is about to make her comeback. Prince Albert of Monaco should find his dear and tender in two weeks.

The first lady of Monaco, who appears very thin on social networks, has undergone a third intervention in the ENT area under general anesthesia.

This delicate operation took place on October 8 and, after 48 hours of observation, the mother of the adorable Jacques and Gabriella left the hospital. She is posted very regularly on social networks.

The great news is that she could return to the Rock in two weeks, if her situation remains stable, said the Palace of Monaco. This would be the case. The former swimmer assured that she was at her best.

Princess Charlene of Monaco would have the opportunity to embrace her twins that she has not seen since last August, a few days before their return to first grade.

In addition, in an interview with People Magazine, Prince Albert of Monaco assured on his couple, recalling that his dear and tender “did not leave Monaco in anger!”.

“She did not leave because she was angry with me or anyone else. She went to South Africa to focus on the work of her foundation and to spend time with her brother and friends,” explained Prince Albert, replying to the magazine Bunte, which announced their divorce.
He insisted on the health problems of the princess.

Charlene of Monaco is eating her heart out in South Africa – this photo of Albert sets the world on fire

Charlene of Monaco would be about to make her big return on the Rock, after six months of isolation, officially for health reasons. During his stay in the ancestral country of his adolescence, the rapprochement of his man with Sharon Stone would have been badly lived. A photo would have put the fire to the powder.

And it was released this week by the American magazine Star, which also insists on the complicity between the Sovereign Prince of the Rock and the Hollywood star. They are the same age.

The photo in question was taken on September 27, during the premiere of the latest installment of the James Bond saga, “No time to die.
On that day, the attractive blonde presented her children to Prince Albert.

Our source also fed this complicity that would have hurt Charlene of Monaco very much.


“Seeing Rainier’s son thus display all smiles next to this great Hollywood star, it is difficult not to think of the couple that the latter formed with Grace Kelly,” says the magazine in its October 8 issue. “At 63 – the same age as her Monegasque host – the former model
who still sports a dream figure and a fiery temperament”.
Sharon Stone would “really have everything to please a man like Albert!

Albert of Monaco, his message to distant Charlene – “don’t leave me”

Distant from Charlene of Monaco for months with a brief visit last August, Prince Albert of Monaco had made a moving appeal to her. “Do not leave me”.

This is the announcement of the magazine People Story, which takes this statement of the sovereign prince of Monaco in “People”. He said he was eager to see his wife on the Rock.

“I can not wait for her to be back because she is part of my life, our lives, life in Monaco,” said Prince Albert of Monaco, who multiplies the protocol outings to forget the absence of the mother of his twins. He does not seem so tormented.

“I look forward to her helping me with the children and with different things as she has done in the past because it’s a team effort. When one of the team members isn’t there, it’s much harder,” he admitted.

His request does not seem to have been heard because Charlene of Monaco always seems to be upset. The Monegasque first lady had no word for her man during his last speech. She reproaches him for having displayed

“I am determined to continue the work I started in several countries in Africa. Conservation, preservation, restoration, education… This is why I created my foundation. I am determined to continue to the end what I started with my foundation,” she said, before insisting on her health problems.

She has undergone a second operation in the ENT area, and is reportedly doing better.
“I can’t wait to go home and see my children who miss me terribly and feel the same way I do after months of absence,” she said. Prince Albert of Monaco has been forgotten.



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