Camille Gottlieb stuck-tight with her half she beams

Camille Gottlieb shows an incredible figure and a radiant mine. Especially when she is with her “half”. To celebrate the birthday of her best friend so dear to her eyes, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco has multiplied the statements.

On September 29, Camille Gottlieb arrived in charming company at the party organized by her uncle Prince Albert II in honor of the release of the latest James Bond film in Monaco. Still single, it is on the arm of his best friend that the young heiress has made the trip. As every time at the sides of Medy Anthony, the Monegasque radiates. This Sunday, October 17, she wanted to pay tribute to him as his friend celebrated his birthday.

Camille Gottlieb souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire à son
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Camille Gottlieb wishes a wonderful birthday to her “soulmate” Médy Anthony


“Happy birthday to my half,” wrote Camille Gottlieb in the caption of a story of Médy Anthony and her stuck together. Then she published another snapshot of her and her “soulmate”, as she also likes to call the young man. The youngest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco is not in a relationship with the latter but he is his best friend for years. The latter had not failed to declare his flame also at the birthday of the sister of Pauline Ducruet, last July. He had published a photo of him and the pretty blonde kissing her on the cheek with the caption: “Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are the sun of my life.”

Camille Gottlieb souhaite un très bon anniversaire à sa
Camille Gottlieb wishes a very happy birthday to her “half” Medy Anthony


His surprising metamorphosis worries

On the photos published by the 23-year-old Monegasque, we see again her incredible figure. For months, Camille Gottlieb appears more and more thinned on social networks. Even going so far as to worry some of his fans about his health. “No!! I’m not sick, I just lost a lot of weight since last summer. I’m doing very well,” she replied. Since then, she continues her surprising metamorphosis, making her longer than ever.

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