Charlene of Monaco hardly spoke anymore: This discomfort experienced at her debut on the Rock

Shortly before her marriage to Prince Albert of Monaco, Charlene regularly visited the Rock and had some difficulties with French. Over the years, these difficulties have evaporated, but at first they created a real blockage.

The transition was not easy. Charlene Wittstock, a young South African professional swimmer, won the heart of Prince Albert of Monaco. The two lovers, married for ten years, still live together in family harmony. However, the first steps of Charlene on the Rock were not easy as a source confessed to Elle magazine this Tuesday, October 19. The language barrier between the Zimbabwean and the Monegasques has caused many difficulties for the one now called Charlene of Monaco.

“Charlene almost did not speak anymore, for fear of showing her low level in the official language,” the same source told the women’s magazine. Closed in silence, over the years, Charlene of Monaco has nevertheless won the heart of Monegasques, certainly touched by the first steps, a little awkward, of the young woman: “It is on her face that her discomfort began to be seen. The expression ‘to be badly in its skin’ took all its direction when one started to see its mouth inflating, its cheekbones going up, whereas she had not even 40 years”, explained this source.


For some, Charlene is suffering from the “syndrome of the unhappy princess”, and, according to another source close to the princely couple, “Albert has never had the courage to take the necessary steps to defend his wife.” This, no doubt, did not reassure the princess, very uncomfortable in French. Since then, Charlene of Monaco has often returned to the African continent, near her native origins. For several months, she has been living there without her husband and children because of an ENT infection that prevents her from flying. She could resume her habits there and find some difficulties of yesteryear when she returns to Monaco.

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