Charlene of Monaco: The sad confidences of one of her relatives they belong to the principality

Gabriella and Jacques will they ever see their mother again? This is the question that can ask the Monegasques, following the confidences of one of the close to Charlene of Monaco, for the magazine Elle.

The Monegasques lose patience. Since January 2021, Princess Charlene has still not put one foot on the Rock, leaving behind her, Prince Albert and her children, Jacques and Gabriella. Stuck in South Africa, officially for ENT problems, the mother of two recently confided that she missed her toddlers terribly: “I can’t wait to get home to my children who I miss terribly. I think any mom who has been separated from her kids for months would feel the same way I do,” she explained on Instagram.

But unfortunately, Charlene of Monaco is not ready to see her children again, according to the confidences of one of her close friends, in an article published Elle: “Her faith has deepened lately and it’s a great help for her to hold on. She misses her children terribly, but she has no way to bring them to her, constitutionally, they belong to the principality. So to fill the void of her children, the princess would have taken refuge in religion.

Charlene of Monaco: “She is better”

Will Charlene of Monaco one day find her family in Monaco? Will her health problems improve? “The princess underwent an operation on Friday which went very well. This procedure under general anesthesia is the last of the interventions she had to undergo following her ENT infection. She is now under observation for 48 hours. She is doing better. It was also complicated for her because different problems affected her. She is still in South Africa but will return very soon, we must make the points with the doctors in a few days”, had declared a source to the AFP at the beginning of October.



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