Charlene of Monaco: This other face that Monegasques miss

If their paths crossed in the early 2000s, it was not until 2006 that Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II of Monaco began to show off together. According to some sources who confided in our sources, the face of the former swimmer has darkened since his debut on The Rock.

In the eyes of public opinion, Charlene of Monaco remains a mystery. Installed on the Rock following her marriage to Prince Albert II, celebrated in July 2011, the former professional swimmer still intrigues the Monegasques. According to some, the interested party would not be quite the same as when she started in the principality. Indeed, if we believe the confidences of a Monegasque resident made to our colleagues of ELLE, on the occasion of an article published this Tuesday, October 19, the face of the mother of twins would have darkened over the years. “It’s true that lately, she has faded a little, but if you knew how cheerful she was at the beginning!” she assures. As reported by the women’s magazine, many in Monaco would still remember “the beauty and cheerfulness” of Princess Charlene at the time …

But since her arrival in Monaco, the one who is South African of origin has swallowed the snacks. In parallel to the rumors about her marriage, the wife of Prince Albert is the victim of numerous attacks, some believing that she was unable to give an heir to the Monegasque sovereign. “Monaco is a village populated by sharks and vipers,” said the interested party to a friend at his debut on the Rock. A small sentence which reflects, undoubtedly also, its malaise… Despite the criticism, often hurtful, Charlene decided to hang on. She especially does not want to give reason to the bad tongues. So, she puts on a good face. But by dint of taking everything upon herself, the former sportswoman also closes in on herself…

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Similarities with Grace Kelly

As noted by another Monegasque with our colleagues, the situation of Charlene of Monaco is similar to that experienced, a few decades earlier, by Grace Kelly. “She also had a lot of trouble integrating. But at least she stayed with her children … “, observed this resident, dropping in passing a thinly veiled pique to Charlene of Monaco, held in South Africa for several months, and therefore away from her twins. This image of the “bad mother” has what to annoy the supporters of the wife of Prince Albert: “Whenever there is a problem, it is always the fault of the mother! And to emphasize: “But I know, for having crossed with them, that Charlene is a great mother.” A way to silence the gossip about the princess? Nothing is less certain…

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