Charlene of Monaco and her struggle to become a mother: Her most intimate wound

Away from her children, the situation begins to be difficult for Charlene of Monaco. The return of the princess from South Africa is highly anticipated by the Monegasque people.

Living in Monaco and being part of the royalty can make you dream, but what about the reality? One of our sources reveals that Princess Charlene of Monaco would live badly her status on the Rock. The young woman had met Prince Albert of Monaco in 2000. It was only in 2011 that the marriage was celebrated. At that time, the princess would have been the victim of several infidelities from her husband.

But the real problem according to her lies in her difficulties in getting pregnant. “I think she got it into her head that everyone thought it was her fault, the Prince had already recognized two children born before his marriage,” says one of her friends to our source. It was not until December 2014 that Charlene of Monaco gave birth to twins: Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco.

In need of her children

Officially, the princess went to South Africa because of her ENT problems. Her last operation went well. But today, she misses her children. “I can’t wait to get home to my children, who I miss terribly. I think any mom who has been separated from her kids for months would feel the same way I do,” she had confided on Instagram. This summer, the mom had the joy of reuniting them with her husband, who had come to visit her. But not everything is rosy for all that. According to our source a rumor is circulating about a search for paternity of a Brazilian baby, born in 2005. For the palace, it is only a failed extortion of funds.

Photo credits: Utrecht Robin/ABACA



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