Elizabeth II overloaded by her staff? No one could keep up this pace

Queen Elizabeth II was admitted to hospital on the night of Wednesday 20 October. She came out of it very quickly, but some people are warning about the rhythm of the sovereign.

On the night of Wednesday, October 20, Queen Elizabeth II was taken to the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, London. The latter passed some medical examinations before being able to leave this Thursday, October 21. Buckingham Palace wished to reassure the British population by assuring that the Queen was in “good spirits”, following the “preliminary examinations”, reported the (British) Express. The royal family would have been warned about the health of the Queen and the fact that she should rest.

Indeed, Elizabeth II, now 95 years old, is said to have a rhythm too great for her condition. Royal biographer Hugo Vickers spoke on Good Morning Britain, saying that “if you look at the program she did, it would have exhausted any of us”. In recent weeks, the Queen has honored no less than fourteen engagements. It was during one of them that she could be seen with a cane, at Westminster Abbey or in Cardiff but not at Windsor Castle during the World Investment Summit, observed the Express. The biographer explained that the Queen had the right to refuse events but that she did so as little as possible because she did not wish to “abandon her people”.

A busy year 2022

While this year 2021 will have seemed busy for the sovereign, the year 2022 should be just as busy or even busier. The Queen will celebrate her 70th year of reign, the platinum jubilee. It is the longest reign of a monarch in the United Kingdom. Hugo Vickers therefore alerts Buckingham Palace to take “extra care” of the Queen so that she can celebrate her reign in the best conditions.

The scenario of his funeral already known

At 95 years old, and after her recent hospitalization, the state of health of Elizabeth II is worrying. Nevertheless, the Queen is an organized woman, and for a long time now she has been meticulously writing the scenario for her funeral. A detailed protocol, to be followed to the letter, worthy of a James Bond movie.

Nothing is left to chance. On Wednesday night, Elizabeth II was hospitalized for preliminary examinations before going to Windsor Castle to rest. In the aftermath, Buckingham Palace announced that Her Majesty was in “good spirits”. However, a wind of concern continues to blow on the Kingdom. Crowned in 1953, the mother of Prince Charles is an emblematic figure of the British monarchy and the population is very attached to it. That’s why, the day the Queen, now 95 years old, will take her last breath, a very precise protocol will be set in motion.

First revealed by The Guardian in 2017, the scenario of the queen’s funeral, was further revealed last September, when the American media Politco obtained access to its secret documents, causing an earthquake at the Court in the process. As you read, the details of the London Bridge operation become clearer. At the time of the death of Elizabeth II, it is her private secretary who will have the mission of announcing the news to the Prime Minister through a secure telephone line with the code name: “London Bridge is down. Then, the Commonwealth countries, of which the Queen is also the head of state, will be informed. Then back to the United Kingdom where flags will be flown at half-mast within ten minutes of the death.

Ten days of national mourning

From the death of the Queen, the country will enter a period of 10 days of national mourning until the funeral. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Prince Charles will be crowned King at 10:00 a.m. on the dot and will speak publicly at 6:00 p.m. For three days, the coffin will rest at the Palace of Westminster, which will be open to the public 23 hours a day. If Elizabeth II were to die outside London, the plan would only be slightly altered, but all scenarios have already been considered.

Ten days later, London will freeze. Shops and stock markets will remain closed for the day. At 9 a.m., the bells of Big Ben will ring, and at noon, two minutes of silence will be held across the country. The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, then “a funeral service will be held in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle”, finally, the queen will be buried “in the memorial chapel of King George VI of the castle”, alongside her husband, the late Prince Philip.

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