Charlene of Monaco loses her voice – revelation about her ordeal at the Palace

A few years after her entry into the princely family of Monaco, Charlene of Monaco had a little lost the word. The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco no longer dared to speak in public. She felt a little ashamed.

“Her difficulties in learning French turned into a blockage and a strange phenomenon appeared,” reports our source, stuck for many months in South Africa, the ancestral country of her adolescence, officially for health reasons. Her mysterious infection in the ENT sphere would not explain. There would have been a malaise years before her departure.

Charlene of Monaco would have finally cracked

“Charlène hardly spoke anymore, for fear of showing her low level in the official language. Well, it was on her face that her discomfort began to show,” confided a close friend of Charlene of Monaco, who refuses to be named.

“The expression “being uncomfortable in her skin” took on its full meaning when we began to see her mouth swell, her cheekbones rise, while she was not even 40 years old … “.

Albert of Monaco, the case of too much, his defense package against a Brazilian revealed

Faced with an accusation from a Brazilian woman in her thirties claiming that he is the father of her daughter Celia, Prince Albert of Monaco has chosen a radical method: his diplomatic immunity.

Our source, who returns to this legal dispute that would be at the origin of the exile of Charlene of Monaco in South Africa, says a little more about this line of defense.

It is out of the question for the sovereign of the Rock to get involved in this case, perceived in the Palace as an attempt to extort funds.
The council of Prince Albert of Monaco says indeed that the request for recognition of paternity against the sovereign is totally unfounded.

The hearing that was scheduled last February before the court of Milan was adjourned. It is one month later that the mother of Jacques and Gabriella left the Rock to fly to South Africa to attend the funeral of the Zulu king to whom she was close. She was not seen again in the principality.

In this case of recognition of paternity, Albert of Monaco brandished diplomatic immunity.

Concretely, he could not appear before the judges and the Italian justice could declare itself incompetent in this case.
For the Prince’s lawyer, the use of this immunity aims to “ensure the continuity of power in Monaco”.



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