Albert is happy with his sister Caroline of Monaco: He continues his engagements without Charlene

This Saturday, October 16, Prince Albert of Monaco attended the 52nd International Bouquet Competition with his sister. Even in the absence of his wife, Albert honors his commitments.

Charlene, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco is not yet back home. She remains stuck in South Africa, her country of origin, for health reasons. Charlene of Monaco had to undergo several operations because of ENT problems that prevent her from flying. While some people are worried about whether Jacques and Gabriella will ever see their mother, Prince Albert seems to show no concern. Charlene’s last public appearance on the Rock was in January of this year.

Accompanied by his older sister, the father of the twins continues the engagements with a certain glee. Prince Albert has made several public appearances alongside Caroline of Monaco. According to Paris Match magazine, on Friday, September 17, the prince and his sister were able to meet with former French President Sarkozy as part of the 30th anniversary of “Mission Enfance.”

On September 23, Prince Albert II had been supported by his older sister. During this 5th edition of the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health, the prince rewarded the American actress Sharon Stone for her commitment.


Charlene of Monaco on the run, passport confiscated, revelation about a clash with Albert

A friend of Charlene of Monaco delivered the truth about a supposed clash with Prince Albert, a few days before their wedding. She would have been banned from leaving the principality.

The wedding ceremony of Prince Albert and Charlene was spoiled by a rumor spread by the magazine “Le Point”, which ensured that the former swimmer had fled the Palace before being intercepted by the French police at Nice airport.
Her passport of the princess would have been confiscated.

At the time, she had just learned about Alexandre, the son Prince Albert of Monaco had from his relationship with Nicole Coste, a former flight attendant. Last August, he celebrated his 18? birthday.

This episode is exhumed by the online edition of Elle magazine, which wonders about the reasons for exile of the princess who has not set foot on the Rock since last March.

“Rumors, certainly, but enough to say that Charlene would have sought to flee on the eve of his wedding,” reports the publication whose words are questioned a source close to the princely family of Monaco.

“That’s not true, says the “connoisseur of the palace”. We never confiscated his passport or whatever. But very quickly, Charlene understood that she would live under a magnifying glass, and that anything that could be reproached to her by the seraglio … would be.”



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