Albert II of Monaco victim of anonymous accusations: These manipulations do not impress me

Albert II of Monaco is facing defamatory remarks spread online against many of his collaborators. Attempts at destabilization that do not impress the sovereign, as reported by Monaco-Matin, Thursday, October 28.

Anonymous crows gravitate around the Monegasque rock. For ten days, the site, with the evocative name “The files of the Rock”, has been peddling information aimed at questioning the honesty of those close to Albert II of Monaco. “We denounce the practices of Monegasque personalities, politicians and businessmen who influence the institutions of Monaco in their own interests,” one could read on the mysterious platform. Questioned by Monaco-Matin Thursday, October 28, the sovereign was adamant about these rumors. “With the greatest energy, I condemn this anonymous and defamatory campaign of false rumors,” he declared before continuing firmly: “These manipulations operated from foreign sites protected by anonymity do not impress me, quite the contrary.

An investigation has been opened to flush out the authors of these anonymous attacks. While a possible reshuffle of the political entourage of Albert II of Monaco could see the light of day soon, these accusations attempt to destabilize the monarchy. “I would also like to express my support, my consideration and my confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the administrator of my property and my lawyer, because they have been seriously and unfairly implicated by this deleterious and slanderous campaign,” said the sovereign to our colleagues of Monaco-Matin.

I keep the gap

Far from his companion Charlene, held in South Africa for health concerns, Albert II of Monaco does not let himself be destabilized in these difficult times: “I keep the course and will not let myself be diverted from my agenda. Despite the affronts, the latter does not seem to want to slow down the pace of visits, after the ceremony of transfer of command of the chief of the fire department of Monaco and the tour of the flags of the Paris 2024 Olympics in early October.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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