Charlene of Monaco: Not yet back home, she already plans to leave

Recluse since mid-May in South Africa, following an ENT infection, Charlene of Monaco is about to open the doors of the royal palace. But after six months away from home, the princess has not yet arrived in Monaco, she is already on the move, ready to fly to the United Arab Emirates.

The return of the Princess of Monaco is imminent. “She will be here well before the National Day, November 19,” revealed Prince Albert in Point de vue, on newsstands November 3. After six months spent more than 8,000 kilometers away from her family, the reunion between Charlene of Monaco and her loved ones promises to be rich in emotions. Affected by an infection of the “ENT” area, the princess had to undergo several surgeries in her country of origin, preventing her from traveling by plane. At the end of her convalescence, if the wife of Prince Albert II has only one thing in mind, to be reunited with her children, she will have to quickly get back into the swing of things to honor her commitments.

After South Africa and a brief stay in Monaco, Charlene should fly to the United Arab Emirates with her husband. “It is planned that the Monegasque sovereign will go to Dubai to visit the facilities of the World Expo. This visit is scheduled for November 13. It would be desirable that the head of state be accompanied by his First Lady,” reports Histoires Royales. However, given the state of health of the mother of his children, the Monegasque monarch is cautious. “We will make this decision at the last minute,” he said.

A long-awaited return

For six months now, Charlene of Monaco is deprived of her children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, and her husband. Ill and far from his family, the daily life of the princess is not the most joyful and she counts the hours before being able to fly to Monaco. Fortunately, “she is much better,” said Prince Albert II after a long silence, which has sown the seeds of doubt about a possible separation. “This last operation, which concerned the nasal septum, went very well. We will be able to consider his return very soon,” he continued. After weeks of separation, the twins and the prince are looking forward to finally finding, the woman of their lives.

Photo credits: Jean-Charles Vinaj / Pool Monaco / Bestimage



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