Elizabeth II ill: Camilla Parker Bowles called in to replace Prince Harry and Prince Andrew

Since Elizabeth II’s state of health has been a cause for concern, the palace’s assistants have been organizing themselves to take her place. Normally, it takes four members of the royal family to take on the role of Her Majesty, except that among them are Princes Harry and Andrew who are not active members. Camilla Parker Bowles is therefore called in as backup.

The Duchess of Cornwall promoted within the royal family. Since the announcement of the forced rest of Elizabeth II because of her health condition, concerns about a possible lack of leadership at the head of the Royal family are present. Although the Queen continues to perform her duties as head of state, despite having to reluctantly cancel a number of engagements, it is important that her entourage is able to take over at such times as the Daily Mail points out.

There are supposed to be four members of the Royal family ready to take over Elizabeth II’s engagements if she is too ill. But among them are Princes Harry and Andrew, who are not active members of the cabinet. That’s why the palace aides have decided to give a new and more important role to Camilla Parker Bowles. It is even possible that she will be appointed to an elite group of Royals who can perform functions on behalf of the Queen. A source close to the palace said, “It’s a constitutional headache. With an aging monarch, there is talk of what happens if the queen is unable to work for any reason. You can’t have Andrew and Harry doing it and Charles and William are extremely busy.” Hence the addition of Camilla Parker Bowles to the ranks.

Elizabeth II in very good shape

Boris Johnson had the opportunity to exchange with the queen, who still has not lifted her foot despite her health condition that requires rest. Although Elizabeth II continues to work from her office and not in the field, she is still determined to follow her schedule to the letter. In an interview on Channel 4 this October 30, the British Prime Minister said, “I have spoken to Her Majesty and she is in very good shape.” According to the statement, the queen is even in “good spirits.” Her forced rest is simply a precautionary measure.

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