Elizabeth II ill but driving: the reassuring photos

While the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II worries the British for a few days, photos of Her Majesty are reassuring. We see the sovereign at the wheel of her car.

Hospitalized on the night of Wednesday 20 to Thursday, October 21, 2021, in the private hospital King Edward VII, in central London, Queen Elizabeth II is at the center of all concerns. But for the past few days, it is time for reassuring news. There have already been the clarifications made by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson who said that the 95-year-old sovereign “was in very good shape” to ITV News. Then this Monday, November 1, photos of Her Majesty driving her car, as reported by The Sun.

Queen Elizabeth II of England drives her Jaguar station wagon alone in the gardens of Windsor Castle on November 1, 2021


This is the first time that the mother of Prince Charles – who may well abdicate and leave the throne to her son William – is seen since her hospitalization. She, who could not go to the COP26 on the orders of her doctors, was seen driving her green Jaguar in Windsor. Very chic, she wore a scarf and a pair of sunglasses. If her schedule has been reviewed and clearly lightened, because of her need for rest, the monarch looks indeed in shape. Photos that reassure.

Reassuring news

Many of her business trips have been canceled. But Elizabeth II wants to be present at Remembrance Sunday in London on November 14. She also wants to organize Christmas at Sandringham. An extremely important Christmas since it is the first since the death of her husband, Prince Philip. So many indications on the state of Her Majesty, who certainly needs to rest but keeps the form.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE



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