Charlene of Monaco finally back? The princess would have arrived on the Rock by helicopter

Blocked in South Africa since last May because of a health problem that prevented her from traveling, Charlene of Monaco is back on the Rock according to the German magazine Bild. The princess would have landed Monday, November 8 in Nice, before joining the royal palace.

Good news for Albert of Monaco! After months away from his wife, the prince will be able to enjoy his little family together, since Princess Charlene is back on the Rock after months of absence. Last May, while she was supposed to make a short stay in South Africa for her foundation, she was blocked and could not travel because of an ENT problem. Treated on site for several months, the magazine Bild reports that she took a private jet Sunday evening, November 7, at the airport in Durban to return to Monaco.

Finally authorized to travel at high altitude by her doctors, Charlene of Monaco did not delay to take advantage of this green light to board the first plane to the royal palace. According to Bild magazine, she arrived in Nice at 8:45 a.m. on Monday, November 8, from where she took a helicopter to Monaco. Her children Gabriella and Jacques must have had a happy surprise when they woke up in the early hours of the morning, seeing their mother back among them after months of separation. The last time they were able to see her in the flesh was during their trip to South Africa last August with Prince Albert.

This event in which Charlene of Monaco will be able to participate

The predictions of Prince Albert were therefore good, he who after announcing the return of Charlene of Monaco last October, had assured that she would be back well before a very important event, and very expected on the Rock: the National Day. “We will be able to consider her return very soon. And I can tell you that she will be in Monaco well before the national holiday,” the prince told Point de vue, the national holiday being set this year on November 19. Albert II took the opportunity to give news of Princess Charlene, who was then “much better”. “This last operation, which concerned the nasal septum, went very well,” he added, serene.

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