Charlene of Monaco masked during her reunion with Prince Albert and the twins: Here is why

Since this Monday, November 8, 2021, Princess Charlene is finally back in Monaco. We could see her happy in the courtyard of the royal palace surrounded by her husband and their children. But one detail did not go unnoticed: the princess was masked. And according to our source, there is an explanation for this.

After long months of absence, Charlene of Monaco could again tread the Monegasque lands this Monday, November 8, 2021. The wife of Prince Albert went to South Africa, his native country, in March 2021 for the funeral of the king of Zulu Goodwill Zwelithini and to involve his foundation in the fight against poaching. But after contracting a sinus infection on the spot, the princess had to undergo several surgeries, including one on October 8, according to the issue of Paris Match published this Wednesday, November 10, preventing her from returning home for 8 months. So it is with a smile that the pretty little family posted together on Instagram this Monday, November 8. Finally, all except the princess, who is perceived masked in the courtyard of the princely palace.

And there is a reason for that. If her health is fine, rest assured, Charlene of Monaco is required to wear a mask because “South Africa is a high-risk country for Covid,” our source tells us.

An emotional reunion

After a final check-up and the green light from her doctor, Charlene of Monaco could join her family. And the reunion was rich in emotion. “Thank God she’s back home,” said her father, Mike Whittstock. “We have been waiting for her impatiently,” her husband Prince Albert told Paris Match. “It’s a relief for everyone. Starting with the prince and their children, but also by the Monegasque population, delighted,” added a source from the princely palace to the magazine. Even masked, Charlene could not hide her joy of seeing her loved ones again. Because if they have made a series of video calls and have been able to meet twice in South Africa, the members of the princely family are coming out of a long period of separation. So mask or no mask, happiness is present on the Rock.

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