Charlene of Monaco may not return to live at the Palace, according to her sister-in-law

After ten months of absence, Charlene of Monaco returned to the Rock, this Monday, November 8. However, it may be that the princess does not return to her apartments at the Palace immediately, according to her sister-in-law

Charlene of Monaco has finally returned to her family, including her two children, Gabriella and Jacques, and her husband, Prince Albert, this Monday, November 8. The Princess of Monaco was stuck for ten months in South Africa, following a serious ENT infection that prevented her from flying. But if the family is reunited again, it could be that she does not yet return to the Princely Palace.

According to the Daily Mail this Thursday, November 11, before her departure, Charlene had already moved into a two-bedroom apartment above a former chocolate factory, about 300 meters from the Palace. When a reporter asked Chantell Wittstock, wife of Charlene’s brother Sean, if the former professional swimmer would return to live in that apartment, she replied, “Oh, we don’t know yet. She’ll probably commute back and forth, go wherever she feels comfortable. And none of that is clear yet,” she said, adding, “She just got here, so it’s all about finding your feet. The princess is very excited to see her children and they are very excited to see their mom again.” Charlene of Monaco’s sister-in-law concluded, “But it will be with her husband and children.”

Tensions within the couple?

Chantell Wittstock then declined to say more about the state of Charlene and Albert of Monaco’s marriage. “It’s absolutely not something I can comment on. But what I can say is that the princess is back in Monaco with her husband and children, that should say it all,” she simply replied. The long absence of Charlene of Monaco had caused rumors of tension within the couple. The return of the mother of Jacques and Gabriella in the Principality has silenced the bad tongues, for the moment …

Photo credits : Bruno Bebert / Bestimage



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