Albert of Monaco gives news of Charlene: There is a fatigue, not only physical

A few hours before the Monegasque National Day, Prince Albert gave news about the health of Charlene of Monaco.

Friday, November 19, the time will be to celebrate in Monaco. The 40,000 inhabitants of the principality accompanied by members of the Palace will celebrate “the day of the sovereign”. An event of great importance, in which Charlene of Monaco cannot participate because of her health condition. A few hours before the start of the festivities, Prince Albert agreed to give news of his wife in convalescence to Monaco-Matin.

In the press, the reigning prince wants to reassure despite the many medical ordeals his wife has gone through: “She is better, but she still needs rest and tranquility. […] There is a fatigue, not only physical, which can only be treated by a period of rest and follow-up.” Back in Monaco after long months spent in South Africa, Jacques and Gabriella’s mother is tested because of her numerous passages on the operating table, following an infection of the ENT sphere. That’s why, the ex-swimmer took refuge in a place kept secret, the time to get back on her feet: “She is not at the property, but we are going to be able to visit her soon. I can’t tell you more for the sake of discretion.”


Albert of Monaco daddy hen in Charlene’s absence

More than 12,000 kilometers away from her own for many weeks, Charlene missed her 6-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella terribly: “Of course, they suffered from their mother’s absence.” Fortunately, they were able to count on their daddy, who gave himself body and soul to keep them happy. “My priority is my family. […] It’s an extremely important time in their lives: the way they grow up helps them see the world. And if one of the parents is away for medical reasons, the other parent has to be there,” the prince, who juggled his princely obligations and his role as a father, told Monaco-matin.

Photo credits: Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage



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