They suffered: Albert of Monaco confides on the education of his twins without Charlene

On the occasion of the National Day, Albert II agreed to answer the questions of Monaco-Matin on November 17. The father of Jacques and Gabriella tells in particular the difficulties he faces to take care of them without Charlene.

Charlene of Monaco has just returned from South Africa and has already left Monaco. Even if her husband did not want to reveal the location of his stay, he still spoke about their twins to Monaco-Matin on November 17. Their mother being regularly absent lately, Albert II admits that it is not ideal for them. According to him, Jacques and Gabriella “suffered” from this situation, but he made sure that they “do not lack affection” especially thanks to their family circle.

Albert of Monaco knows that they need him more, especially at this time. “For me, it’s pretty simple: my priority is my family,” Charlene’s husband explained to the newspaper before continuing, “When I can be with my children, I do it without hesitation.” Many friends of the monarch of Monaco admit that they do not spend enough time with their children, which he does not want to reproduce with his own. “I don’t want to have these regrets,” he said.

The twins schooling at the Palace

To allow the twins to learn properly, while taking care of their health, the sovereign and princess of Monaco decided to place a classroom directly at the Palace. Albert II indicates that this is a preventive measure “in view of the uncertainty of the evolution of the pandemic”. Everything has been arranged so that it is like a real classroom, “with the same teachers that the children would have had if they had physically remained at FANB”. In order not to make Gabriella and Jacques feel too isolated, four other children have been invited to participate in the classes in the Palace. They will however go to the sports classes of their home school because it is important for their parents that they have “a social life”.

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  1. Get well soon Charlene 😊 🙏 I hope the family would be all together for good ,and forever ..BLESSINGS ❤ 💙 💖 🙏 ♥


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