Charlene of Monaco supported by a famous Russian billionaire?

Charlene of Monaco was the great absentee of the national holiday of the principality, this November 19. Treated for great physical and mental fatigue in an institution far from the Rock, the princess can count on the support of her husband Albert II. As well as on the one of a Russian billionaire not completely unknown…

Exfiltrated from the principality, but not abandoned. Great absentee of the Monegasque national holiday, as the palace had announced, this November 19, Princess Charlene is treated for “a state of deep general fatigue” in a specialized institution with a name kept secret, far from the Rock. After the emotion caused by the words of her twins Jacques and Gabriella on the balcony of the royal palace, an interview of Albert II with People magazine has forced a little more empathy. The case is serious. Without any link with a Covid, a cancer or a plastic surgery, had to specify the sovereign.

Apathetic, insomniac, without appetite on his return to the Monegasque soil, Charlene agreed to a medical monitoring very supervised during a family meeting with her husband, her brothers and her sister-in-law Chantelle Wittstock. Albert II does not yet know when he will be allowed to visit her and the twins. He hopes that his family will be able to talk on the phone soon. According to the Sun, another man is watching over the convalescence of the princess: the Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, ex-companion of Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell et Vladimir Doronin, lors du mariage religieux d'Albert II et Charlene, le 2 juillet 2011.
Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Doronin, during the religious wedding of Albert II and Charlene, July 2, 2011.


Friends for more than 10 years, Charlene and Vladimir Doronin would have maintained contact for the past 8 months

After the King of the Zulus, very close to Charlene to the point of attending her departure for Monaco on November 7, here is another strong support. The Sun claims that Vladimir Doronin, who made his fortune in real estate and luxury, would have worried about Charlene throughout the last months. According to a source quoted by the English tabloid, “this saga is very complex and dizzying, but Charlene and Vlad have stayed in touch and spent time together. It seems that he has been very helpful to her. They have known each other for a few years, Vlad attended with Naomi at her wedding.” True, the supermodel and the Russian billionaire were among the guests of the prince and Charlene for their wedding in July 2011. But in the name of the friendship that binds Naomi to Albert II, especially.

More certain, the union of the Monegasque princely family in extenso around the sovereign. Supported by his sisters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, during the morning festivities of November 19, Albert II was still surrounded by them, his nephews and nieces, but also Charlene’s brothers during a gala at the Grimaldi Forum in the evening. While they will celebrate their 7th birthday without their mother on December 10, James and Gabriella are now educated at the palace, along with four of their classmates. Their father did not hide to People that they suffered a lot from the South African retirement of their mother. However, he assures that they understood the need for her to rest again.

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