Charlene of Monaco ill: How long will her convalescence last?

Prince Albert gave to People magazine some details about the absence of his wife, which could last for some time.

The return to Monaco of Princess Charlene will have been short-lived. After her extended stay in South Africa, the wife of Prince Albert returned to the Rock before leaving again for treatment. On November 19, Prince Albert explained to the American magazine People that his family had taken a decision to help Charlene, who suffers “deep exhaustion”, both physically and morally.

Jacques and Gabrielle’s father explained that his wife is being treated away from Monaco for an undetermined period of time: “We will visit her but I can’t tell you when. Not in the next few days but as soon as the medical team has given the go-ahead. With these treatments there is an obligatory period of rest, usually several weeks. I can’t comment at this time, we’ll see.”

Right to privacy

But Albert of Monaco was also keen to point out that the privacy of his wife of ten years had to be preserved: “She needs privacy and we all need it as a family. She needs to recuperate in the best environment possible.” He also recalled that their special status was not incompatible with privacy: “Even though we are public figures, we can also have health problems and ask for some peace and quiet, as anyone could. I hope that everyone will respect that. Let’s give her the time we need, let her recover properly and then return with her family to Monaco.”

Photo credits : Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage



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