Charlene of Monaco unrecognizable: Has the real reason for her dazzling weight loss been revealed?

The magazine Page Six revealed exclusively that Charlene of Monaco would have passed very close to death in South Africa. Friends of the princess are concerned about the misleading words of Albert II of Monaco about his wife.

More serious than it seems? Page Six magazine has just revealed some exclusive news about Princess Charlene of Monaco and, according to them, it is not good. Page Six quotes sources close to the princess who believe that “the royal family of Monaco has minimized the seriousness of her health after the interview given by Prince Albert the previous week. As a reminder, Albert II of Monaco recently spoke to People to explain that his wife is currently convalescing in a specialized facility whose name and location are kept secret.

According to one of Page Six’s sources, “It’s not fair to say she has mental or emotional problems. We don’t know why the palace is trying to downplay the fact that she almost died in South Africa.” The same source explained that the 43-year-old Princess Charlene of Monaco’s ENT infection, as well as the operations she underwent, would have prevented her from swallowing properly. According to Page Six and its source, Princess Charlene “has not been able to eat solid food for the past six months because of all the operations she had to have. She can only drink through a straw, so she has lost almost half of her weight”.

A voluntary lie from Albert II?

The source who claims to be a close friend of Charlene of Monaco and still quoted by Page Six did emphasize that Princess Charlene would not be losing her mind or suffering from mental health problems. “She’s exhausted after six months of surgeries and not being able to eat properly. And she missed her children and husband terribly while she was stuck in South Africa. Comments that, if true, could revive concerns about the Princess of Monaco. Page Six said that they tried to reach the Palace of the Rock to ask questions but no answer has been given for the moment.



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