Prince Albert of Monaco: Why he and Charlene decided to send their children to the palace

At the beginning of the school year, the children of Albert and Charlene of Monaco made their return to school in the first grade in a school located near the royal palace. Except that at the end of October, Gabriella and Jacques were removed from the school. A decision on which their father returns according to our sources.

The school at home for Gabriella and Jacques. Last September, while their mother was in South Africa, the twins aged 6 years made their comeback in first grade alongside Albert of Monaco. The beginning of a new adventure for the two little blonde heads. Except that their schooling in the François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré school, located on the border between the Rock and Beausoleil, ended at the end of October. Their father decided to withdraw them from the elementary school to school them at home. Our source reveals why this choice.

In an interview with Stéphane Bern, the current sovereign prince of Monaco confided on this complicated family context and on this surprising decision. Indeed, the worrying state of health of Charlene of Monaco makes this end of year tormented. “They miss their mother” said Albert of Monaco. Adding that “they support her in her convalescence by sending her lots of love.” Despite the situation, “what makes it easier is that Jacques and Gabriella are now attending school at the palace.” They are fortunate that they are not alone “since four of their classmates, two boys and two girls, have joined them there with the same teachers and mistresses as if they were in their institution.” Finally, “they were already confined to the palace last year” so it’s not a big change for them.

We took, with Princess Charlene, this decision to adapt this device in a larger room, which can accommodate six children, when we understood that the situation would continue,” continued to explain Albert of Monaco, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic. He continued, “as soon as we judge that the situation is evolving favorably, they will be enrolled in school again in a normal way.” In the meantime, Gabriella and Jacques can enjoy “a pleasant setting for the younger years.


Albert of Monaco reassures about Charlene’s health

Following the multiple operations, “Charlene was really exhausted. A general exhaustion, physical and moral.” In view of her worrying state of health, “we decided together (…) that the best thing would be for her to rest calmly, outside of Monaco, for obvious reasons of discretion and comfort, including abroad, the time of a therapeutic retreat that will allow her to recover definitively,” wanted to clarify Albert of Monaco to our sources. A way to put an end to rumors about his wife.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Dominique jacovides / Bestimage



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