Elizabeth II and the Royal Family relieved after a big upset!

On November 30, the British royal family will face quite an upheaval, but for some, it could be a big “relief”.

The monarchy has faced a lot of upheaval in the year 2021. While the coronavirus pandemic has brought its share of worries, members of the royal family have faced the death of Prince Philip on April 9 at the age of 99. In addition, Elizabeth II will be dethroned on November 30, at least from part of her territory. Barbados has completed its process of republican independence and a first-time president, Sandra Mason, will be in charge of the Caribbean island. And for the British royal family, it’s a “relief” that it happened during the reign of Elizabeth II.

Anna Whitelock, a professor of modern monarchy at City University, said in an interview with Express.co.uk, “I think there will be a relief at Buckingham Palace that this is happening during the queen’s reign rather than early in Prince Charles’ reign, where it could be seen as a more explicit rejection of him.” Indeed, according to the royal expert, Republican sentiment is likely to increase after the queen’s death. “I don’t think, at the moment, that there is a big cry for a republic, but I think the discussion about the future, the vitality, the necessity, the usefulness, the relevance of the monarchy in Britain – all of that will wait until after the queen’s death,” Anna Whitelock also added.

Prince William preferred to his father?

When Prince Charles takes over from his mother, challenges could be in store. “The best Charles and Camilla can hope and expect is apathy,” the professor told the British media, before adding, “People are sort of not energized and excited about this new reign, in a way that they might perhaps be more energized and excited if it were William and Kate.” Elizabeth II’s son’s approval rating is not looking good. According to a recent poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton, only a quarter of the British population would like Prince Charles to ascend the throne, with many preferring William instead.

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