Elizabeth II: Her touching last Christmas with Prince Philip

Despite back problems that still immobilize him in Windsor, Elizabeth II is looking forward to spending Christmas soon with his family, at Sandringham, as she has made a tradition. With the exception of last year. A look back on this Christmas Eve 2020 that will remain in her memory…

For Her Valiant Majesty Elizabeth II, it is the umpteenth annus horribilis that is coming to an end, thank God! Still exempt from public travel due to a bad back pain, the 95-year-old sovereign is observing the handover of her heirs Charles, recently sent to Barbados, and William, who is becoming a king, from her Windsor Castle. In the short term, she is focusing on the next Christmas party she wants to spend with her family at Sandringham Castle.

It is rumored that she could arrive this year by helicopter rather than by train, a means of transportation that is too tiring. The gathering of her family is more important to her than ever: this is her first Christmas without Prince Philip, who passed away in April, and she will miss him all the more because she spent the 24th and 25th of December alone with him in Windsor in 2020.

Elizabeth II face-to-face with Prince Philip for the first time in decades

Because of the pandemic, from the beginning of the month, Elizabeth II had made it known that she would not mix her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and that she would spend “quietly” the holidays with her husband, in their bubble of Windsor. The second choice was not the most unpleasant, since the castle is invariably decorated for the end of the year and then, there, Elizabeth II and Philip had been able to find an intimacy since the spring. Did she want, with the subtlety that we know, to set an example for the British? Did she suspect that the Duke of Edinburgh’s forces were abandoning her? The couple had not spent Christmas in Windsor since 1987, let alone face to face since Charles was born in 1948.

On December 25, 2020, it was side by side that Her Majesty and her husband watched the recorded wishes of the sovereign on TV. Wink to Philip with the only photo of the Duke, on the desk of Elizabeth II. A speech full of symbols, as she knows better than anyone how to write them: “Remarkably enough, this year that has taken us away from each other has also, in different ways, brought us closer together (…) Of course, this end of the year is full of sadness for some of us who have known the ordeal of bereavement, or who cannot be reunited with their loved ones, when all they asked for was an embrace or a handshake. If you are in this situation, you are not alone, please know that you are occupying my thoughts and prayers.” Masterful. Comforting. Inspiring. God save the Queen in 2022 again…

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