Beatrice and Eugenie of York: Their special Christmas engagement

In a video posted on Hello! Magazine’s Twitter account on Saturday, December 4, Beatrice d’York appealed for donations to help young cancer patients who will be spending Christmas in the hospital. Last November, with her sister Eugenie and their mother Sarah Ferguson, she had already met with concerned families.

Mother and daughter together for a good cause. The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and her two daughters Beatrice and Eugenie met at the end of November with cancer patients to whom they could ask all the questions. This time of exchange was immortalized by photos and videos relayed by Hello! magazine in order to raise public awareness, as the three women of the royal family are launching an appeal for donations for Christmas to help the Teenage Cancer Trust. “As Patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust, I am delighted to have a partnership with ‘Hello! Magazine’ to celebrate the work of this incredible organization. Thank you for your support,” Princess Beatrice said in a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, Dec. 4, in which she is seen listening to young patients talk about their daily lives.

“I was really afraid of losing my hair,” said one teenager. “Christmas is one of the hardest times to receive treatment in the hospital. It’s a time for family, and being isolated from the love of loved ones can be very painful. The work of the Teenage Cancer Trust team is vital as they do the best they can to make this experience as easy as possible,” the mother of Sienna, born last September, had already explained. The speeches of the sick children also particularly touched her sister Eugenie, who was hospitalized as a child to treat scoliosis. During these hospital stays to reduce the curvature of her spine, the presence of her family made everything less difficult to live.


Generosity as a legacy

“I understand how scary it can be to be separated from your family and friends, although it was a very different experience. I knew that my scoliosis treatment, while daunting, was not life threatening, whereas with cancer there are so many more unknowns,” Princess Eugenie commented last November. Her mother has been a patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust since 1990. “Without the foundation, many young cancer patients would have faced the disease alone,” said Sarah Ferguson, who is calling for donations for the Christmas campaign. After more than thirty years of commitment, she is delighted to see her daughters taking over.

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