Charlene of Monaco “difficult to understand”: The testimony that creates unease

The mystery Charlene of Monaco thickens. Treated in a specialized institution, the wife of Albert II has not been seen, nor heard, for almost a month. In her absence, tongues are loosening. And depict a woman decidedly elusive…

It will soon be a month that Charlene of Monaco has withdrawn into silence. Back in the principality on November 8, after 8 months of medical ordeal in South Africa, the wife of Albert II has almost immediately disappeared in a specialized institution, far from the Rock, for “deep general fatigue. Her convalescence will be long, the sovereign said. It is unlikely that she will be at the side of their twins Jacques and Gabriella for their seventh birthday, this December 10. After a family Christmas in 2020, her presence at the palace for the end of the year is not more certain.

The sisters of Albert II did not remain indifferent. Stephanie is said to be full of empathy for her sister-in-law. Caroline has taken over with Jacques and Gabriella. Supporting, if not understanding everything. According to Joel Stratte-McCLure, a former contributor to the Herald Tribune, Time Magazine and People, and another close friend of the princely family, who told the New York Post, the two princesses have taken this approach.

© JUNIOR / BESTIMAGEAlbert II and Charlene of Monaco, with Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, at the Red Cross Ball in August 2011, one month after their wedding.


Neither “a trophy wife” nor “a schemer”

In recent months, Charlene’s entourage has regularly spoken out to portray a woman more “iconoclastic” than we think, refusing to follow in the footsteps of a Kate Middleton or a Grace Kelly, and above all, quite aware of what her marriage to Albert II exposed her to. So many counterpoints to the persistent rumor of an unhappy princess, not even bothering to hold back her tears in front of witnesses.

Who really knows Charlene? Joel Stratte-McClure says that Grace Kelly herself “suffered a terrible depression in the early years of her marriage, comparable to what Charlene is going through now. While a Monegasque resident close to the Grimaldis points out that the princess “always had either an air of total detachment from what people might think of her, or a mask of suffering that nothing could illuminate.” This same source continues: “She was always hard to pin down, indecipherable. She was not a trophy wife, as one often meets in Monaco. Nor was she a schemer.”

Michael Wittstock, the princess’ father, wants to believe she will emerge “much stronger” from her rest cure abroad. “My daughter used to swim 20 kilometers a day. Knowing her skills, her discipline, I have no doubt about her mental state,” he recently told YOU, South African media.

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