Princess Charlotte: Kate Middleton and William’s daughter is the spitting image of Elizabeth II

After unveiling the traditional greeting card on Friday, December 10, 2021, Kate Middleton and Prince William received several comments about their daughter Charlotte. According to Internet users, the young princess of 6 years would be the spitting image of Queen Elizabeth.

As every year at the approach of the end of the year celebrations, Kate Middleton and Prince William unveil their famous greeting card. A tradition assiduously respected by the members of the Royal family and which is very expected by all English citizens. A beautiful family portrait unveiled on Friday, December 10, 2021 that has truly amazed Internet users.

This photo published on their Instagram account was captured during their previous stay in Jordan. A rare family moment where we can discover Kate Middleton and Prince William smiling in summer clothes. But by their side, their three children have also proudly posed: Crown Prince George (8 years) appears dressed in polo shorts.

His little brother Louis (3 years) is, as for him, very smiling in the front row. Finally, Princess Charlotte (6 years) is more reserved in a beautiful plaid dress. And it is about her that the Internet users were surprised because on this famous greeting card, the girl looks like two drops of water to her great-grandmother, Elizabeth II, when she was a child.


A resemblance that did not escape the Internet users because in the comment section, they were many to point to this disturbing similarity. “Beautiful photo, Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of the queen”, “Superb royal family, Charlotte embodies the image of the queen”, we can read or: “I recognize several features of the queen in Charlotte.” A resemblance related not only to her very neat posture – worthy of the queen – but also to her physical appearance.

A striking comparison with her great-grandmother that should hopefully become increasingly clear in the coming years.

Photos credits: Bestimage




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