“I looked like a Christmas tree”: Charlene of Monaco overwhelmed at her debut on The Rock

While she is still recovering far from the Rock, the website of Tatler magazine has unearthed a long portrait of Charlene of Monaco dating from 2010. In it, the wife of Prince Albert recalled her difficult beginnings in the principality and especially the efforts she had to make to meet the expectations of her in-laws.

Charlene of Monaco had to redouble her efforts to conquer the hearts of Monegasques. A former swimmer, her life changed dramatically after she met and married Prince Albert. For her, the transition was not easy. In addition to the language barrier, the sister-in-law of Stephanie and Caroline, who is still recovering far from the Rock, has been the subject of the worst rumors. At the beginning of her career in Monaco, she was forced to adapt to the habits and customs of the gotha and in particular to learn to take care of her appearance.

In a long portrait devoted to her by Tatler magazine in 2010, Albert of Monaco’s wife shared a funny anecdote on this subject: “My first Red Cross Ball was a baptism of fire. I was used to living in a bathing suit and had no idea of fashion. The day of the ball, I had played volleyball all day on the beach and didn’t think to get ready until late afternoon. I borrowed a green dress from a friend, did my own hair and painted my nails red,” she recalled.

“I looked like a Christmas tree,” confessed the mother of twins Jacques and Gabriella. In the space of four years, the one who was not yet married to her prince traded in her tomboy look for high-fashion outfits. Her sculpted figure of a former swimmer has won over a designer, Giorgio Armani, who has chosen her as an ambassador for his brand. And to justify his choice: “Charlene has the ideal silhouette for evening dresses with a straight neckline that emphasizes the fine shape of the shoulders. It is a pleasure to dress her because she has an innate and natural elegance and knows how to wear Giorgio Armani Privé dresses with all the freshness and spontaneity of youth.”

This “honor” reserved for Charlene of Monaco

This collaboration with the Italian designer was perceived as a huge privilege for the one who was until now little interested in the fashion world: “By spending more time in Monaco, I developed an understanding of fashion (…) When Mr. Armani approached me to become his ambassador, it was a great honor. He dressed me for most of my official events,” said Charlene of Monaco, who learned a lot from him. “He was extremely kind and taught me a lot about the art of dressing with style. His cuts are impeccable. The experience of working with Armani has opened my mind to fashion.” From glamorous outfits to more punk looks, Princess Charlene has thus learned to adapt her style according to the occasion. But also her desires.

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