Who works the most at the Windsor? The answer will surprise you

The British royal family has a busy schedule every year. The person who worked the most at the Windsor’s is a very discreet princess.

The Daily Mail has recently revealed the names of the British royals who have worked the most during the year 2021. The person who had the busiest schedule is not among those who are seen most in the limelight. In the house of Windsor, the Daily Mail revealed that Princess Anne was the one who took on the most commitments last year. Ahead of everyone else, Princess Anne, 71, took on 387 official engagements. The ranking also showed that Prince Charles, 73, had 385 engagements.

The grandson of the Queen of England, Prince William comes in third place with his 235 engagements. He is followed by the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, 57, who despite everything, has taken on 204 official obligations. The wife of Prince Edward of Wessex, Sophie of Wessex, 56, has undertaken 194 engagements. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England herself stayed in the ranks despite all the little inconveniences she was subjected to. The 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II took on no less than 184 engagements last year. And yet, it is known that the sovereign has had a difficult time, to say the least, between the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, the bombshells of her grandson, Prince Harry or the sexual assault case of her son, Prince Andrew, 61.

Princess Anne and Prince Charles: the most active of the house of Windsor

Over the year 2021, according to the count, there are only two engagements of difference between the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne. In 2019, the eldest son of the Queen of England took on 521 official engagements, while his sister had 506. According to Le Point, these two members of the royal family would therefore carry out up to two official missions per day. “It happens to Prince Charles to change clothes eight times during the day depending on his appointments,” confirms Le Point. “With the agreement of his mother, he has taken on more and more responsibilities in connection with his future role as monarch,” says the newspaper. According to his daughter Zara, Princess Anne is also a real work addict. “Have you ever asked her to slow down? Good luck!” she said in a recent documentary.

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