Prince Harry: in his next book, he will not be tender towards Camilla Parker Bowles

Since the United States, Prince Harry is working diligently on his memoirs. In it, the Duke will explore his childhood, his relationship with his family … and should severely attack his mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Will the British monarchy have to face again the publication of an explosive book? A few months after Finding Freedom, the unauthorized biography about the Sussexes‘ shock departure to the United States, another book could indeed attack the institution… through Camilla Parker Bowles. While Elizabeth II has announced her wish to see the wife of Prince Charles become Queen consort when he succeeds her, she could indeed be strongly criticized by Prince Harry. According to a friend of the Duke of Sussex, he should talk at length about the second wife of his father in a future biography that should “shake the monarchy to the core”, as reported by The Mirror.

Prince Harry took advantage of his last public appearance, during a video call with former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas, to pay tribute to his late mother, Diana. But, he didn’t say a word about his grandmother’s unexpected announcement about Camilla Parker Bowles. His silence “speaks volumes,” says a friend, who assures that Prince Harry is still not close to Camilla. “Although tensions have eased between them over the years, it’s more a show of unity than a close relationship,” he swears. There were big problems in the beginning, but as Harry and his brother William got older and more mature, things got better and they can now co-exist as adults. They were never close to her and they still aren’t.”


Prince Harry will “include personal details” in his memoir

According to early indiscretions, Prince Harry‘s explosive book is expected to be published closer to Christmas 2022. “He has a lot to say about it. People think he’s keeping a low profile to respect the family, but that’s not it,” added his close friend. The agreement with the publishing house on his memoir states that it should include personal details about personal and family arrangements. And it will be a very intimate look at his feelings about his family and what happened in the relationship breakdown. If they think he’s mellowed, then they’re wrong.” While Camilla‘s future has been clarified by Her Majesty and Prince William is reportedly okay with the change in status, Harry, on the other hand, is said to have snubbed the woman his mother called “the rottweiler.”

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