Eugenie and Beatrice of York in the shadow of their “toxic” father: the fallout that worries them

Because of the sexual assault scandal involving their father, Prince Andrew, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York are worried about the fallout. What could happen to their royal status in the future? Columnist Hilary Rose answers in the Times.

The sins of parents should never be inflicted on children. Unfortunately, they are still impacted. Such is the case with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York, the daughters of Prince Andrew. Accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre, the Duke reached a tentative agreement with the complainant by offering a check to avoid trial. Although he still refutes the allegations against him, he agreed to make a “substantial donation” to Ms. Giuffre’s charity for victims’ rights. But also to pledge to “demonstrate his regret for his association with Epstein” by supporting the “fight against the harms of sex trafficking and supporting its victims.” All fine words, but the damage is already done…

Indeed, this scandal has tarnished his reputation raising questions about the fate of the 31 and 33 year old princesses. In a Times column transcribed in the, Hilary Rose wrote that “her daughters are in an embarrassing limbo.” “This space of purgatory,” she continued, “is one in which they are princesses without a royal role and a toxic father who, while not admitting responsibility, just accepted a multi-million dollar settlement in a sexual assault case.” The situation gets even more complicated for Eugenie and Beatrice of York.

Eugenie and Beatrice of York: what will become of them?

The queen’s granddaughters began life in a prominent position in the royal family pecking order. Beatrice was fifth on the throne when she was born in 1988. She has now fallen to tenth place. As for Eugenie, she is in twelfth place, with her son August in thirteenth place. The more time passes, the more the princesses move away from the throne and the royal spotlight. They are now “reduced to the role of extras in the life of the royal family” in the words of a royal insider. The accusations against their father do not help them to imagine a future within the royal family.

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