Elizabeth II positive at Covid-19: This castle where she is isolated

Tested positive to Covid-19 this Sunday, February 20, Elizabeth II is forced to isolation. Quite naturally, the Queen has chosen to stay away from Windsor, her majestic second residence, as “The ExpressUK” tells us.

Elizabeth II’s second residence is not really a residence anymore. Tested positive to Covid-19 on Sunday, February 20, Her Majesty has decided to reside at Windsor Castle for the time of her recovery. A sumptuous place worth 287 million euros, as reported by the ExpressUK this weekend, highly symbolic for the Queen. Indeed, formerly rather accustomed to the corridors of Buckingham Palace, she has decided to spend more time in this monumental building of 484,000 square feet following the death of Prince Philip in April 2021. It is also here that Elizabeth II decided to rest after her hospital stay last October.

Positive for coronavirus, but with “mild” symptoms similar to the common cold, the 95-year-old sovereign will be able to follow her appointments remotely from Windsor. And the work should be a pleasure in this enchanting place inhabited for nearly 1,000 years by the British royal family. It is in the midst of these vast and luxuriously decorated rooms that Elizabeth II lived memorable moments with her family. As reported by our colleagues from L’ExpressUK, it is for example in “the green drawing room” that the baptism of little Archie, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was immortalized.

Elizabeth II, meticulously followed

Elizabeth II will not be totally cut off from the world during her isolation in Windsor. To monitor her health daily, Her Majesty will host Huw Thomas, her personal physician and trusted man since 2014. It was the latter who advised the Queen to go to the hospital last year or advised her to stop drinking alcohol.

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